About Us

Best friends Rebecca Lee and Farah Ahmed met in Hong Kong, 2001, both ambitious career women with “work hard play hard” mentalities and little time to spend on pampering and self-maintenance.

“Germ-o-phobe” Rebecca spent sevens years travelling worldwide as an air stewardess for a leading airline, consequently enduring the constant problem of sore beat up toes and ever in search of the perfect pedicure to combat this.

“Nail obsessed” Farah worked as a fashion accessory designer for a Hong Kong based company, travelling constantly throughout Asia and the US. Her passion for nail care meant she had  tested manicures and pedicures in major cities from Shanghai to LA and back!

With this in common, and 100’s of hotel spas and “chop shop” salons later, the pair realised one of the hardest places in the world to get a good, thorough and reasonably priced nail bar was London! So, in 2004, having both settled in London and had their first children, the duo decided to set up the ultimate nail bar and thus Nailspa was conceived.

Dedicated to: “providing thorough meticulously conducted treatments in a friendly, clinical modern environment at affordable prices.”

Nailspa currently have branches in Central London in Maida Vale and Marylebone.

With Love,

Rebecca & Farah